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Ideal Park Entrance Pavilion

The Park Entrance Pavilion is the beginning and the end of the park experience. For us, every visitor must have a great first impression and ending. That is why we take it seriously when it comes to Entrance Pavilion design.

Here are some thoughts on our ideals.

Hospitality First

Provide a public lounge and meeting point at the proximity of the entrance.

Visitors will have a proper place to sit and rest while waiting for the park to open or for the car to pick them up. It is also a good reference for the meeting point for visitors that come in groups.

Iconic Simplicity

Be bold and iconic, yet humble to the surrounding environments.

The entrance pavilion is the mediator between the outside world and the park. Think of it as the first 5 minutes scene and a post-credit scene of an action movie. It is not the climax of the experience, but it should be engaging enough and make the visitors want more.

Visual Direction

Create a visual corridor that framed the "WOW" factor of the park.

This visual corridor is a teaser that stimulates and entices the visitors to explore the park and can also be a good photo op.

People Movers & Assistance

Keep the flow to make the park active and dynamic. Distribute the crowds and ease the visitors' mobility throughout the park.

Provide options to ease visitors' movement while exploring the park, for example, mini train for kids, strollers for babies and scooters for seniors or handicaps.

Multi-Purpose Space

Provide a programme calendar and flexible event venues for different exhibitions, parties and celebrations. Different scheduled events and programmes can increase visitor repeatability.

Photo Ops

Make the park mascots approachable to allow visitors to immortalize the moments as prints or social media uploads.

Fun Factors

What if the whole building is a playground? Avoid boring architecture. Make it playful and exciting.

Seamless Services Integration

Always make it easier and more comfortable for staff members to serve the visitors and maintain the daily operations.

Chill & Energize

Balance the park activities by providing a breathing space to refresh, refuel and recharge.

Ticketing & Exit Retail

Faster conversion needs clarity and efficiency. Avoid queue build-up for a better transaction experience.

The project shown here is the concept pitch for Fazendinha Pomerode. It is a mini farm experience in Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Architecture and landscape design by Kakebon.

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