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Ideal Compact Theme Park

Is bigger better? Can theming attract more visitors? How much should we invest in a theme park? Are fake castles and mountains still relatable?

Kakebon collaborated with Fingerman Comics to design an ideal theme park for a premium location, contextual to the present challenges.


Landscape design has a primary role.

We start with the sustainability and intention to improve the natural environment quality, then create an immersive setting to enrich storylines.

Iconic Entrance

An iconic entrance will make it memorable and easy to recognize.

It is located outside the park yet significant, where the first impression and expectations happen.

Ride Attractions

Inclusivity and diversity of ride attractions affect the park dynamics.

Strategically distribute the capacity and mix the variety of ride attractions to achieve the optimum performance of the park.


Treat the theme park as one extravaganza. Schedule a series of shows and strategically distribute the venue location to generate movement inside the park.

Immersive Theming

Theming is the medium for storytelling. We give attention to the visitor's touchpoints and extra detailing in slow-pace places.

Keep it aligned to the storyline, contextual and purposeful.

Plaza & Walkway

The circulation inside the park is inclusive and easy to navigate for young children. The walkway is well-shaded from the scorching sun. Yet, it opens to the surrounding vistas.

Food & Retail

Healthier park food options and signature merchandise that have a less environmental impact. Diversify the product to create a unique dining and shopping experience.


Make it fun and experiential! Treat it as a gallery, and add pre-show and some easter eggs into the queue line. Integrate it with apps for a virtual queue for a better experience.

People Mover

It is an internal transport mode that assists the visitors in exploring the park. The designated station also functioned as a meeting point equipped with amenities facility of the park.

Stroller & Nursing

The walkway is stroller friendly and connected to the restroom and nursing facility inside the park. Concealed stroller parking spaces are also available near every ride attraction or show.

XR & Apps Integrations

Tap on the Extended Reality (XR) and mobile apps for gamification and create another layer of immersive experience.

Photo (Video) Ops

Immortalize the moment by taking a photo or video in a designated spot and uploading it online. You can also print it on-site through an integrated app camera.

Seamless Service Network

The service network is well-integrated into the park design, from the park maintenance routine to the disaster evacuation plan. It is the vein that runs unseen within the park.

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